How to Apply for the AFSA Barksdale Trade School Scholarship

Step 1

Complete sections A-G of the fillable PDF Application Instructions PDF [490KB].

Step 2

Sign and date application upon completion. Do not forget to include the last four numbers of your social security number (SSN) or your collegiate identification number, otherwise funds cannot be processed to the school.

Step 3

Applicant must include a copy of the letter of acceptance to the Trade/Vocational School of their choice.

Step 4

Recipients of General Educational Development (GED) diplomas must enclose a copy of the GED diploma.

Step 5

High School students must include an official transcript of their grades. Trade/Vocational School students must include cumulative record(s) of grades while attending a Trade/Vocational program. If applicant has transferred schools, transcript(s) from previous school(s) must be included. The unweighted (4.0 scale) cumulative GPA must be 2.65 or higher. NOTE: If your school uses a weighted GPA scale, it is the applicant’s responsibility to have the weighted GPA converted to a 4.0 unweighted GPA. Packets received with a weighted GPA will not be eligible.

Step 6

All applicants must include a letter of recommendation to an accredited Trade/Vocational School. If the applicant is currently in a Trade/Vocational School, the letter must be written by a Trade/Vocational School teacher/instructor or if the applicant is a first-year Trade/Vocational student, the letter may be written by the applicant’s high school principal or guidance counselor. The letter must be on official school stationary with an ORIGINAL signature.

Step 7

All applicants must include a double-spaced, typed paragraph stating their life’s objectives, answering the question, “What do you plan to do with the skilled trade you receive?”

Step 8

If applicable, include a completed “Additional information” page, citing exceptional need for a scholarship.

Step 9

For mail in submissions, include two self-addressed, stamped, blank postcards. One will be sent to the applicant acknowledging receipt of package; the other will be sent notifying the applicant of non-selection. Persons selected for scholarships will be notified by mail.

Step 10

You must sign and date the Application Package. Completed application packages with all required documents can be submitted here online, or by mail to: 

AMF/CMSAF/AFSA Scholarship Program
5211 Auth Road
Suitland, Maryland 20746

Step 11

The completed application package must reach the AMF Headquarters no later than
March 31 for the coming academic year.

Step 12

If you have any questions regarding the program or application process, please contact the AMF Assistant Secretary here online, or by phone 800-638-0594, ext. 288